Online Program Launch Bootcamp

Learn the step by step and most simplest process to create and launch your first training program and get first 1000 students quickly!

Have you been thinking to create your first online program? and still thinking?

Not anymore! This program will give you a step by step process to create your first awesome online program and get 1000 students quickly!

You will get practical tips & ideas (cutting all the crap out) to launch your first online program in 7 days or less! (yes, you read it right)

I'm a best-selling instructor of multiple online programs and most of them I was able to create in less than 7 days. 

In fact one of the best-selling program I launched in just 3 days!

I've put together a simple step by step blueprint that you can follow without getting overwhelmed for a successful launch.

So, here's what you will learn inside this course:

  • Introduction & Why Online Program
  • Identify Your First Program Topic Effortlessly
  • Pre-Requisites (Equipment & A Place To Record)
  • Create Your Program Outline Quickly
  • Create Your Program Content Quickly
  • Record Your Program Quickly
  • Online Program Editing
  • Publish Your Program
  • Get First 1000 Students For FREE!

By the end of this program, you will be all pumped up to create your very first online program!

I look forward to welcoming you to the journey of your online training business and let's change the people's life by teaching them!

To Your Success,

Abhay Sharma

PS: "Online Program" & "Online Course" are used interchangeably. Both means the same thing.

Online Program Launch Bootcamp: Step By Step Process To Launch First Online Program In Less Than 7 Days & Get First 1000 Students Quickly!


Pre-Requisites (Equipment & Place To Record)

Congratulations & Next Steps


Abhay Sharma

Abhay Sharma is a best-selling instructor